We are team #99 in the Longest Adventure In The World; Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive (APOD) 2020

The superlative in the world of adventure rallies — in all its wild and feral glory, it spans over 15,000 kilometers (over 9,300 miles) from Hamburg to Vladivostok.

6 of the world’s tallest mountain ranges and cross 4 of the driest deserts on the planet, spread out over 8 time zones and more than 20 countries. 


Southeast Europe with Carpathians & Balkans

Turkey, Georgia & Azerbaijan

Caspian Sea, Iran & Turkmenistan

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan

Mongolia & Siberia/ Russia

Gobi Desert, Mujunkum & Kysylkum

Pamir, Altai & Tian Shan Mountains

Countdown to start

Langtbortistan (Danish) is a fictitious country from the Donald Duck-universe. The name Langtbortistan is in several languages synonym for a country far-far-way, hence the *stan addition.
English: Farawayistan 
Nederlands: Verweggistan 

Deutch: Weitfortistan 

Norsk: Langtvekkistan 

Svenska: Långtbortistan

And the money goes to…. TBD